Better for the Patient and the Responder!

The Better Board Features

Revolutionized Spine Board

  • Antimicrobial properties reduce likelihood of cross-contamination

  • Extra-large raised handles allow for easy gloved-gripping without need to lift or tilt board

  • Built-in strap cartridge and pad channels allow for preloading of board

  • Strong - 750-pound capacity

  • Buoyant - Supports up to 200 pounds in water

  • Radiolucent - X-ray and MRI ready

  • Board Dimension: 16” x 72” x 2.5” (with pad 2.75")

  • Weight: Under 20 pounds

ADAPTABILITY: Choose your color and logo for your Better Boards

COST: $66 + shipping  (Volume discounts available)

Cartridge Strap Features

An Integrated System

  • Disposable single-use design eliminates the possibility of cross-contamination

  • Simple and sanitary: eliminates the need for hard to clean, store and apply spider straps

  • Each set includes six double-sided  2" x 60" velcro-like straps in individual cartridges

  • Easy and secure preloading without tape or tools

ADAPTABILITY: Up to six configurations

COST: $2.11 per strap + shipping (volume discounts available)

Comfort Pad Features

Safer and Easier

  • Disposable single-use design eliminates the possibility of cross-contamination

  • 1/2 inch foam bed increases comfort 

  • Reduces anxiety and potential for pressure ulcers

  • Removable center channel accepts cooling pads for immediate cryotherapy 

  • Pre-loadable and secure without sticky tape or tools

  • Pad Dimension: 10" x 36"

ADAPTABILITY: Our pads accept both cold and warm packs

COST: $2.50 per pad + shipping
(volume discounts available)