The Better Board marks the first major innovations to the backboard in decades. Our team of firefighters, medics, and engineers have developed a new paradigm that addresses and mitigates the shortcomings of the traditional backboard:


  • Antimicrobial surface- prevents mold, mildew, and bacteria including MRSA
  • Comfort Pad- prevents pressure sores and ulcers
  • Disposable straps and Comfort Pad- prevent cross-contamination
  • A removable center section of the Comfort Pad for application of ice packs.
  • Ergonomic handles- grasp and lift without tilting the board
  • Water rescue- The Better Board floats and will support 200 lbs
  • Drastically increased weight capacity of 750 lbs
  • Radiolucent

The Better Board

  • Better Board Dimensions:

    Length - 72"

    Width - 17"

    Height - 3"

    Weight - 20lbs

    Shipping Weight - 26lbs / Dimensions - 18"x4"x14"